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Recruiting for your business may seem a little overwhelming during a pandemic. Even though your business may be functioning a little differently, you still have revenue to make, projects to complete, customers to satisfy, and people to hire! Getting your job positing noticed during a pandemic is critical to receiving quality applicants.

There are still lots of people looking for jobs. Interviews are still happening. People are still accepting and starting new jobs every day. So, if you need to hire employees, candidates need to know you are hiring. And right now, many job seekers are concerned that applying for a job is a waste of their time. 

So, how can you get your job positing noticed? 

Here are some key tips.

  • Keep your job postings fresh. Jobs posted on your website, job boards, LinkedIn, etc. typically show a posting date. Update your jobs at least every one-to-two weeks so candidates know the jobs are still viable.
  • Leverage social media. Job seekers are spending tons of time on social media right now, after all, most of them are sitting at home either working remotely or wishing they were working.
    • Encourage your employees to share and like your openings and comment on the benefits of working for you. 
    • Include an eye catching graphic or video to draw attention to your posting. Mix it up regularly – if you post the same job multiple times, use a different graphic or video to keep it from getting “stale” in your feed. 
    • Use a variety of social media platforms. 
  • Include some information in your job posting about the interview process. Demonstrate that you are serious about hiring for a position and are prepared to move forward in the process even with the pandemic!
    • If you are going to be conducting video interviews, let job seekers know that!
    • If you will be making employment offers based solely on phone and/or video interviews, let job seekers know that!
  • Monitor your employer brand. Job seekers are watching how you are treating your customers and employees during this crisis. Make sure you are giving them something positive to see.
  • Sell your company. Talk about the things that job seekers want and need – don’t just tell them the duties they will perform. Use your posting to communicate WHY someone should want to work at your company. Think about what matters to them – which might be stability, sick leave, remote work options, benefits, retirement, leadership strengths, flex schedules, training, advancement opportunity, etc. 

These tips will help you get your job posting noticed, attract applicants, and alleviate the question “is this employer really hiring?”.

Happy job posting and hiring! 

If you are struggling to balance the increased workload on HR and your recruiting needs, contact us. We would love to help! For more tips, follow our blog.