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With hundreds of candidates applying to Information Technology positions, it is important to make a great first impression. Below are some tips to help you stand out from other candidates:

Have a memorable resume

Your resume is a marketing tool to get you an interview. Think of it as your commercial. If a commercial is not memorable or you don’t see value in the product, you are not likely to buy the product. The same concept applies to your resume. It should be error free, relevant, concise, and accomplishment focused. It is important to also use an appropriate resume format that sells you the best.

Synchronize and scrub your social presence

More and more recruiters and hiring managers are reviewing resumes and doing an online search of the candidates BEFORE scheduling interviews. Make sure your resume and social presence are professional and match one another. Pay special attention to job titles, dates of employment, and educational details. Social media is a key aspect of recruiting in today’s market.

Follow Up

Once you have applied for your ideal job, follow up on your candidacy. If you have not received any communication from the employer in a week, send a follow up email or make a quick follow up call. Don’t stalk and don’t apply to the same job with the same company multiple times. That will make you look unorganized, not interested.

Prepare a Work Sample

Many IT candidates are required to provide a portfolio or work sample as part of the hiring process. Be prepared to quickly send this if requested to do so. If not, offering to provide a work sample can be an effective message and “excuse” for your follow up email or call.

The IT job market is tight. You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so be prepared and show initiative.