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The recruiting process can be daunting, leaving recruiters, hiring managers, and job applicants feeling frustrated instead of successful. As an employer, there are a few basics you can incorporate into your recruiting process to improve the success of your recruiting efforts.

1)   Make the application process simple

If applying to your job takes a candidate an hour, you are probably losing a lot of candidates! Some information is absolutely required, and you can can’t get around that. However, try to make the process as easy and quick as possible for the candidate, keeping in mind that many candidates want a mobile application option.

2)   Be transparent about the job opening(s) for which you are recruiting

Let’s face it, not all jobs are really “open” even if you are interviewing candidates. Be as honest as possible about the status of positions for which you are interviewing. This will not only preserve your reputation, but it will also help you build rapport with candidates who might not be what you need today, but might be what you need tomorrow.

3)   Keep communication lines open with active candidates

If a candidate takes the time to interview, they deserve an update. Whether it’s a quick phone call or a short email, keep candidates posted on their candidacy.

4)   Be creative and read between the lines

Not all candidates clearly articulate their skills on their resume. If you are only looking for buzzwords or using technology to scan for buzzwords, you could be losing out on great talent. Keep an open mind and be creative about drawing parallels between candidates’ experiences and your needs. As the job market continues to get tighter, this will become even more important.

5)   Know the market

If you don’t know the job market for the skills and geography for which you are recruiting, you are unlikely to maximize your success. You should have a solid understanding of the compensation and availability of the talent for which you are recruiting.

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