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Deciding how to identify the best employees for your company is a large task. Leveraging relationships and services of an external recruiter can not only make the task easier, but it can also lower the risks associated with making a poor hiring decision. Below are the top reasons companies use an external recruiter.

An external recruiter knows where to find talent.

They are masters at sourcing and networking. External recruiters don’t just know active job seekers, but they also know passive candidates who will not apply to your position online.

Speed to Fill.

With their vast networks of talent, external recruiters can often fill positions with qualified candidates very quickly. After all, they don’t have a million other tasks to accomplish like you do. All they do is RECRUIT, day-in and day-out.

Placement Guarantees.

Making a bad hiring decision is expensive.  When you place the wrong candidate in the wrong position, there is no cost effective way to replace him/her.  When an external recruiter places a candidate, their success is guaranteed (or at least it should be). External recruiters typically offer guarantees for direct hires that range from 30 days to six months, on average. This means that the recruiter has to replace the candidate for free or refund the service fee if the placement is not successful during the guarantee period.  Guarantee details should be included in the contract when you engage a recruiting firm for their services.

Strong Candidate Relationships.

Once you have found that perfect candidate, you don’t want to lose him/her.  External recruiters often foster relationships with their candidates for extended periods of time.  So once that perfect candidate has been identified, who do you want to court him/her during the interview and hiring process? Someone who has worked with him/her for weeks, months, or years; or someone from your organization who may have only met him/her a few times and is juggling hundreds of other tasks.

Market Insight.

External recruiters have one focus, and one focus only; RECRUITING. Since this is all they do, good external recruiters have great insight into market trends, knowledge of the latest technology for sourcing and tracking applicants, and significant insight into best practices in the employment industry.

Save Time and Money.

Working with an external recruiter can actually save you money! Approximately 60% of job applicants admit to applying to jobs for which they are not qualified. If you are not using an external recruiter, who is reviewing, responding to, and prescreening all of those applicants and how much is that costing you?

Furthermore, how much is it costing you to have an unfilled position for more than 30 days? Recent studies have shown that approximately 65% of employers indicate that jobs not filled within 30 days will typically stay open for more than three (3) months! Now that is expensive!

This is only a short list of the reasons companies solicit services through staffing and recruiting firms. Just make sure that whatever firm you use has a reputation for quality, integrity, and customer service. AND definitely make sure they have a service guarantee.

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