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Recruiting can be a frustrating process. Below are eight tips for a better recruiting process, while also enhancing candidate engagement and employer branding.


Lots of companies are recruiting for the same talent. Make your job postings stand out by using attractive images and a variety of posting techniques. Keep your postings current and make sure they are accurate AND engaging. 

Leverage referrals from existing employees.

Keep your employees informed about the positions you have open and how to refer candidates. Make the referral process easy and commit to following up with EVERY referral from an employee (yes, even if they are not the right fit for your current needs).  If you don’t follow up with referrals, employees will stop sending them!

Leverage social media.

Don’t just post your job ads on social media. Ask people to share your openings with their network. Encourage employees to engage in your job posts. Post your job ads on social media platforms that are commonly used by the type of candidate for which you are searching.

Keep focused on getting better candidates, not more candidates.

You only need one person to fill your position. Spend your time and energy attracting that specific type profile. If you post jobs all over the place, without a strategy, odds are that you will spend a lot of time weeding through the wrong candidates.

Make your application process easy.

Candidates are deterred by a cumbersome applicant process, so make the process easy and quick.  

Follow up with candidates quickly.

You are more likely to keep a good employer brand and get more referrals if you follow up with candidates quickly. Confirm receipt of their resumes. Let them know when jobs have been filled. Schedule interviews quickly!

Promote your company and culture simultaneously with your open positions.

Encourage candidates to be interested in your company, not just one particular position. This will help support a strong employer brand and will also get you more followers, hence more potential candidates viewing your job ads in the future.

Don’t recruit only when you have a job opening.

Build your audience. Constantly be connecting and networking with people who possess the skills your company can use. It is a lot easier to fill a position when you have a pipeline and network.

If you practice all of the above, your recruiting will get better. Like most things, it takes timeand consistency to see results. So get started ASAP!