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Technology is replacing recruiting.

So, you have heard the rumor that technology will replace recruiting. Technology is a tool. The best recruiters know how to leverage technology to work smarter and more efficiently. Technology is not a substitute for people interactions. Recruiting is a people-forward industry and technology can’t replace relationships. So, that myth is just a myth! Technology will continue to change the recruiting industry, but not likely to replace it.

Contractors don’t make good full-time, permanent employees.

Contractors often have a breadth of experience gained by working on numerous projects in diverse industries and workplace cultures. Some contractors get tired of traveling, tired of adapting to so much change, and tired of inconsistent work availability. Many contractors have a lot to offer and it is important not to over-generalize contractors; doing so might cost you the RIGHT candidate. Keep an open mind and forget you ever heard this recruiting myth!

The perfect employee exists.

False, this is just plain and simply false. The RIGHT employee exists but there is no such thing as the perfect employee. Employees are people and by default, flawed and unique. Therefore, waiting on the perfect employee is a great way to waste time and money. 

You only need to recruit when you have a job vacancy.

Employer branding is part of the recruiting process. If you want to attract and compete for top talent, you have to always be building your employer brand and staying in front of relevant talent.  Thus, only focusing on recruiting when you have a vacancy is a short-sighted technique that will have long-term consequences.

Landing a job is a numbers game.

While it is true that candidates may have to apply to multiple jobs, it is not a numbers game. With the right approach, career documents, and communication, candidates can land a great position without applying to hundreds of jobs. So, always keep in mind, it is more about applying to the RIGHT jobs than applying to MANY jobs.

A great company is all about the perks and benefits.

Perks are typically appreciated by employees, but they are not what define a company. Many companies offer significant perks (ping pong, benefits, casual dress, etc.) and have a terrible work culture. Defining a great company is about offering a culture and providing support to employees that is attractive to them. For example, for many employees, the opportunity to be challenged, creative, and appreciated is more valuable than having a ping pong table available during their lunch break. 

Recruiting is expensive.

Tricked you! This is actually a FACT! Whether you are using an outside recruiting firm or in-house resources, recruiting is expensive. However, recruiting is more than an expense item listed in the budget. It is an investment into your organization’s most valuable assets, its employees. So, the next time you need to spend money on recruiting, think of it as an investment instead of an expense, it makes a lot more sense!