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Recruiting and hiring is much easier in a depressed economy with high unemployment rates. So what are the recruiting and hiring trends in 2018, with a better economy and low unemployment rates?

With low unemployment rates, employers must get creative to find good talent. Simply posting a job and waiting for the ideal candidate to apply, is not the most effective approach in a tight market. So, let’s discuss some of the hiring trends in 2018 that can help employers make great hires quickly.

Focus on Abilities and Culture Fit more than Experience

Yes, all employers want to hire people with experience in their related industry. However, hiring in today’s market is a challenge and many employers are shifting their focus away from experience and towards overall ability and skill. Experience is only one component of a candidate’s skills and it is important to evaluate all of a candidate’s attributes, not just their experience.

Skills and Personality Assessments

The use of skills testing and personality testing are on the rise. These tools enable employers to better gauge aptitude, benchmark against top performers, and assess personality characteristics. These tools can be invaluable in any market, but especially in a market where hiring is more focused on ability and culture, than experience. It is important to select appropriate testing tools and ensure the tools selected meet your goals and anti-discrimination requirements.

Team Interviews

Regardless of market conditions, team interviews can be a great way to evaluate candidates. Team interviews allow candidates to get a better feel for the organization and they allow the organization to better assess the culture fit of candidates. It is important to fully understand the dynamics of team interviews to ensure they are conducted appropriately and effectively. SHRM has provided some great tips with regards to this interview style.

Staying abreast of hiring trends and market changes is necessary to stay competitive. Employees are most organizations’ greatest asset, so flexible, scalable, and modern hiring practices are essential.

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