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The job market is changing and hiring legal professionals is getting harder. The average position in a professional services firm, such as a law firm, takes 22.1 business days to fill. An additional two weeks is usually required before the candidate starts working. So, most employers are looking at 5+ weeks as the average job vacancy time.

With unemployment rates low and a tighter job market, employers have to move fast to hire top talent. Below are some tips to help ensure your law firm can snag top talent before your competitors do!

Interview Quickly

Contact qualified candidates within 48 hours to schedule a first interview. Set a goal of no more than two weeks to complete the interview process. Team interviews are on the rise, so scheduling can be a challenge. Develop a plan to overcome the scheduling challenge or you will lose candidates.

Offer Quickly

Making a quick offer after a good interview is essential. Don’t let more than 48 hours pass between the interview and offer. If the candidate is interviewing other places, which most job candidates are, you may lose your perfect candidate.

Offer Competitively

Make sure your compensation package is competitive. Salaries are on the rise and technology has made it easy for candidates to know their market value. If your compensation package is not competitive, both your recruiting and retention will suffer.

Have a Backup

With most law firm jobs taking more than a month to fill, you don’t want to go through that lengthy process multiple times for the same job. Have at least two candidates in the interview process that you feel good about. Many employers interview a candidate they like, then stop the recruiting process until a final decision has been made on that candidate. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Until an offer has been made and accepted, keep the recruiting process going!