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Candidate interview prep is a large part of being a recruiter. You spend so much time sourcing, screening, and evaluating candidates. When you finally find a candidate with the right skills and personality, you want to set them up for success.

Many recruiters fall short in the interview prep area because they confuse interview prep with interview confirmation. There is a huge difference. Interview confirmation is only one component of the prep process. While it may seem like job seekers should be able to “prep” themselves, many don’t have a lot of experience interviewing and need some guidance.

Below are 5 steps that can help ensure candidates are ready for their interviews.

  1. Confirm Logistics
  2. Provide a Candidate Interview Tip Sheet
  3. Provide Client/Company Information
  4. Revisit the Job Description and Compensation Package
  5. Give the Candidate a Prep Checklist

When you create the documents and information described in these steps, think about things that can help them:

  • Ask meaningful questions
  • Make connections with the managers or team
  • Assess their fit within the company culture, goals, and missions
  • Evaluate the opportunity holistically, not just based on title, salary, or today’s status of the business

A great candidate interview prep can help managers and job seekers have a more productive interview. The more productive the interview, the better both sides can evaluate each other and make decisions as to their fit.