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Let’s be real…..during a pandemic is not the ideal time to be looking for a job. However, there are companies hiring! If you are in the market for a new job, be diligent, organized, and positive! Set daily and weekly job search goals and follow through! While these tips are directed more toward job seekers who are unemployed and/or have been furloughed, they can apply to anyone at any time!

Job search goals for every day!

  • Review job boards and social media outlets for opportunities EVERY day.
  • Tweak your résumé for every job for which you apply.
  • Set a goal for how many contacts you want to reach out to EVERY day (recruiters, past coworkers, chamber members, clients, employed friends, etc.) – network, network, network! This is probably your overall best tool right now!
  • Keep track of where you apply and for which jobs to avoid repetition.

Do the above EVERY day. Don’t get discouraged or make excuses. Stay diligent!

Job search goals for every week!

  • Share something positive or something that demonstrates your expertise at least once per week on social media.
  • Analyze your outcomes  – if you are not getting interview requests, review your résumé carefully and cross-reference it to the jobs for which you applied. Do you need to make changes to better showcase your relevant skills?
  • Practice your responses to common interview questions – be prepared when an interview request comes in. Practice video interviewing, not just face-to-face or phone!!
  • Follow up (professionally and not too often) on pending applications and interviews.
  • Reevaluate your goals. Are you at a point where you need to be more flexible on money, type of position, or location? Only you know the answer to those questions, but it is important to evaluate your goals regularly. There is no shame in taking a job out of your skillset if you need work!!! There is no shame in taking a pay cut if your cash flow is dwindling. Most employers will be understanding about any atypical work employees perform during or as a result of the pandemic. TAKE CARE OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

Set your job search goals and stick to them. Be consistent. Stay positive. Network!

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